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Black Peppercorn Combo


These Black Peppercorns are meticulously handpicked at the perfect maturity stage and processed with utmost care to retain their exceptional flavor and aroma.

Black Rice


Black rice, also called ‘forbidden rice’ or ‘emperor’s rice,’ is gaining popularity for its high antioxidant content and superior nutritional value. ‘Forbidden rice’ earned its name because it was once reserved for the upper …



Nature’s finest “8mm +” Cardamom from plantations in Kerala, these cardamom pods are grown with the utmost care, handpicked at the right maturity and optimally processed to preserve all the goodness and aroma. Havmi’s …


Cashews are the heroes of wholesome snacking. This product is from Meghalaya’s traditional cashew estates. These hand picked crisp cashews are raw, natural and gluten-free decently packed in a hygienic environment. These cashews are …

Coconut Oil


Known as nature’s elixir, Coconut oil is one of the world’s most nourishing and therapeutic foods. This oil is refined, never bleached or deodorized. Select fresh coconut is shredded and pressed to extract coconut …



Havmi coffee is an extract from a Robusta variant, 100% pure coffee with out chicory. It is a robust and full-bodied coffee with its natural & distinctive earthy flavour intact and imparts a strong …


Coffee Without Chicory Combo


This 100% pure coffee is carefully crafted without the addition of chicory, ensuring a bold and authentic flavor.

Ginger Powder


Havmi’s Ginger Powder is rich in antioxidants, and has good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and other properties. The ginger used is grown using traditional farming techniques in Meghalaya. It has a pale yellow colour with …


Ginger Powder Combo


Our Ginger Powder is a powerhouse of antioxidants, boasting impressive antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea properties. Sourced from the pristine farms of Meghalaya


Green Tea


Grown in the elevation of over 1500m above sea level, our Green Tea is sourced from the pristine lands of Meghalaya. Plucked from younger tea plants and immediately processed, the oxidative damage is reduced, …


Green Tea Combo


Our Green Tea is meticulously sourced from the untouched landscapes of Meghalaya, grown at an elevation of over 1500m above sea level. The tea leaves are carefully plucked from younger plants and promptly processed to minimize oxidative damage, resulting in exceptional leaf quality. With its fruity aroma and a delicate yet intricate taste profile, our Green Tea offers a delightful sensory experience.


Havmi Pure Coconut Oil Deal


Select fresh coconut is shredded and pressed to extract coconut milk, and then centrifuged. The creamy oil has a pleasant, rich aroma and enticing light coconut taste.

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