Havmi connects genuine customers with specially identified and high-quality farm products, edible oils, healthcare supplements, cosmetics, and a select range of wellness products. Krishiv’s promoter has been engaged with farm producers across India to enhance their products using natural fertilizers and processes. During an engagement with various small business groups and farmers, one of the major impediments noticed was a lack of access to the right marketplace despite good demand. In such a disadvantaged situation, farmers are constrained to sell in the local market at very low prices.

Krishiv aims to bridge this gap making it a win-win proposition for farmers and customers as well. Our effort has motivated the farmers to produce more in a natural and traditional manner without harming the earth, water bodies, and the environment. Village cooperatives of women have a huge role in our mission to make available natural products for the masses for healthy living. Havmi brings unadulterated produce backed by constant and careful supervision at all stages of production, packaging, and delivery to customers.

Our product range includes daily use essentials, spices, herbal healthcare products, hair fall, and dandruff prevention hair oil and shampoo, immunity boosters, weight-loss kits, baldness-prevention kits, and food supplements for diabetics, memory boosters for growing children besides a variety of personal care items and cosmetics.


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We always prefer being close to the nature and serve our customers.

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All our products are lab tested and 100% Genuine No Chemicals

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We always prefer using eco friendly methods and protocols

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We follow a strict policy for all our products and always keep hygiene first.

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